Up The Music

Thank you so much for everything you've done, you’re a f***ing legend 💛 Also thank your team for all the hard work they put into it as well, we couldn't do it without you guys!”

- Cody Keane

We were tasked with delivering a full festival production and an immersive visual experience. Working closely with the headline international artists such as Montell 2099 and Lee Mvtthews, we created a series of visual sets, tailored to their branding & style of music. We captured their movements using infrared sensors, and transformed that data into stylised art to add to the projected visuals.

Using real-time inputs, we created a range of audio reactive visuals, which were projection mapped onto surrounding walls to fully immerse the crowd in the music.

Alongside our projection mapped installations, we kitted out the space with 180 festoons, pixel mapped and working in unison to create vibrant movement, and had several CO2 cannons firing steam 8 metres into the air.

Projection mapped logos onto multiple nearby buildings, up to 10 stories high.

Tech Used

22,000W audio system, projectors, moving head lighting fixtures, LED pixel-mapped lighting, haze & CO2 cannons, custom projection panels and shapes, custom visuals