Trade Me Xmas
Trade Me

Just wanted to touch base to say a massive thanks to you and the crew. The lighting and effects looked bloody epic, and made the space! Such an awesome night.”

- Loren Thomas

Taking over entire venues and transporting guests to other worlds. We love teaming up with clients who want to push the boundaries, and Trade Me are always more than happy for us to take their staff parties to the next level.

We’ve been working with Trade Me for several years, and love teaming up to create epic end-of-year parties - fully transforming venues into immersive on-theme environments.

Our first project with Trade Me was 2019 for an ‘Iconic Music Legends’ themed party. We delivered exciting dancefloor lighting and redecorated the room with stylised leopard print projection mapping - no wallpaper required. As guests entered up the stairs, animated lyrics of classic songs throughout the decades danced on the wall.

In 2020, our scope expanded, and we transformed a multi-room venue for a ‘Pantone’ themed party: flooding rooms in monochromatic colour, and even changing all the existing light bulbs to match the colour.

Using 19 1.2m-wide white panels we completely re-clad the ballroom - projection mapping these with on-colour dynamic effects and custom created content. With the click of a button the whole room could switch to a new colour. Elsewhere, a custom-made sign and architectural elements of the venue itself were enhanced with projected generative patterns.

In 2022, we were asked to bring to life a ‘Jurassic Park’ theme.

We used haze to create an eerie atmosphere, added powerful down facing flood lights to give a compound feel, uplit ferns and other fauna, and installed white pencil beam lights which moved like searchlights around the venue.

Tech Used

Room colour-wash lighting, stage & dancefloor lighting, room-scale projection, CNC-cut logo with projection, custom real-time visuals, body-tracking sensor, Phillips Hue