Trade Me Roadshow
Trade Me

I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to you, Tom and the team for bringing this vision to life. From the crazy design meetings, the all hands on deck and lack of sleep, the amazing vision and the sound effects you provided on the lights and bringing Goodtimes to life. We've absolutely loved working with you. We are getting absolutely incredible feedback on things like "it was like a google event" "it was so spectacular" "the space was transformed"."

- Loren Thomas

A huge, interactive, multi-zone, experiential event for Trade Me’s Strategy Reveal. The event encouraged attendees to move and interact with creative, eye-catching installations - bonding the team together and getting them amped for the future.

We’ve been working with Trade Me for several years now and it was humbling that they trusted us to bring a very special large scale event to life - their strategy reveal roadshow. We had around 8 weeks to design and deliver an incredible experience for over 400 Trade Me staff.

We designed, built and installed several installations, while also adding magic with our lighting, projection and audio services.

The venue was the Dominion Museum, a 42m x 14m space, with 12m high stud ceiling. The event was during the day, which posed a challenge projecting in a space with lots of natural light!

We draped the main space with 812m2 of draping, allowing us to better control the attendee experience. We worked closely with our event partners, using plants and over 150 lights to create a warm, inviting base atmosphere, and then layered this with several custom projected elements around the space, focused on New Zealand nature to match the “Kiwi Campsite” theme.

We then collaborated with the Trade Me events team on several custom installations for each business unit, which included: a large tablet and two smartphones, onto which we projection mapped custom content; and a large ‘monolith’ representing their technology infrastructure, projection mapped with system code and pixel-mapped lighting demonstrating their move to the Cloud.

Tech Used

Custom projection and lighting installations, custom animated content, full overhead rigging, 14m draping, room colour and gobo wash, 11x3m edge-blended projection screen, PA system

digital signage