Victoria University of Wellington Law Society

THANK YOU... yet again for another amazing Hype Entertainment bit of magic! You transformed Te Wharewaka into outer space & we cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you put in"

- Phoebe Ellwood

Using a combination of prop design, discreet rigging, and advanced projection mapping, this immersive installation brings the sun within arm’s reach. Procedurally generated sun flares are projected from multiple angles to transform a floating sphere into a stunning glowing centrepiece for the mix and mingle zone.

In one of our favourite visual accomplishments to date, we created a mesmerising centrepiece for an “Outer Space” themed chillout room.

Experimenting with sphere projection, we discovered that – with some finely-tuned visuals – we could make an epic sun. With a custom rigging system, we securely suspended the orb, so that it appeared to float overhead in the beautiful high-ceilinged space in Te Wharewaka, Wellington.

Three strategically-arranged projectors gave us full coverage of the sphere. Although we were projecting onto the sphere’s surface, we had carefully chosen an opaque plastic which allowed the sun to glow from the inside out.

Guests flowed into the building and gravitated towards the sun, orbiting and swirling around it. The energy of the room and people was radiant – mission accomplished!

Tech Used

Opaque 800mm sphere suspended from ceiling, 3 x projectors covering 120 degrees each working in sync to fully cover the sphere, projection mapping software.