Te Puni, Victoria University of Wellington

Honestly can’t express enough how brilliant the service you offer is, from start to finish the process is seamless and the collaboration aspect is amazing. The team you have are all so professional and have the product at heart which is visible throughout.”

- Kieran Giles

Designed, constructed, and mapped in-house, these shoji doors open to gracefully reveal iconic Japanese landmarks and natural scenery with sakura blossom. As the night progresses, the circular canvas fills with stunning swirls of colour, transporting audiences to Tokyo’s neon-lit streets.

The brief we received: “Let’s give our guests a taste of Japanese Spring!” Fresh and optimistic, springtime in Japan is a beautiful time of year when the sakura (cherry blossom trees) burst with pretty pink petals. Could we delicately wrap up the feelings such a sight provides? And what about Japan’s incredible nightlife? We love a good challenge, so we sprang into action to create a seasonal, Japan-inspired experience.

Researching Japanese spring, we sourced pictures that perfectly captured the splendour of pink blossoms, snow-capped mountains, and bright blue skies. Energised by these incredible images, our next design challenge was to frame and creatively transition through the magnificent views. Turning to Japanese architecture, we were moved by its circular windows and sleek Shoji screens – architectural elements perfected through time by expert Japanese carpenters. Shoji screen panels are made by combining wooden frames with a fine sheet of rice paper. We designed files to showcase the structure and elegant opaqueness of these blinds, highlighting the unique quality of light they filter. Smooth animation allowed the screens to gently close and re-open, revealing fresh springtime scenes to inspire and surprise.

On the venue’s walls, we also projection-mapped a sight familiar to all Japanese in spring: sakura cherry blossoms, lightly drifting on what appeared to be a peaceful breeze surrounding the guests.

Music can be a key to opening up the heart and mind. We built a Torii at the DJ booth to signify that the views revealed by the Shoji screens were sacred, and to invite people to explore a pure state of being. Our build team took care to craft the Torii with the correct ratios and the proper shade of red.

As the evening progressed and the energy evolved, we bathed the crowd in a vibrant Tokyo-inspired swirl of neon colour – flowing and bouncing to the beat of the music and the crowd's exuberant vibrations.

Tech Used

2.4m wide circular projection board, projection mapping software , 1x projector, custom visuals.