secret garden
Victoria University of Wellington Law Society

On behalf of the whole VUWLSS team we wanted to say a huuuuge thank you for all your incredible work this year…It has been a pleasure to work with you and see your ideas come to your life…. We were so stoked with how Friday went and have had raving reviews. The visuals were epic and the whole decor/vibe was exactly what we envisioned!”

- Giulia and Gina

Guests were transported to a lush secret garden, with wraparound projection turning every surface into a new view onto a landscape bursting with colour and life.

We transformed Te Wharewaka in Wellington into a lush, vibrant secret garden. A 13m long wall became a 3840x1080 pixel garden wall, covered with ivy that opened out onto a fantasy garden scene, complete with butterflies and passing clouds. Nearby on another wall, more ivy sporadically moved away to reveal another wondrous landscape with live-time body-tracking visuals layered into it. A projected archway behind the band showed a third view of the garden, lit by a projector carefully positioned to avoid hitting the band onstage. Vertical pixel-mapped LED bars and beautiful floral bouquets on towers either side of the stage completed the secret garden experience.

Tech Used

4 projectors, custom archway projection board, body tracking sensor, projection mapping and real-time generative visuals software, pixel-mapped LED bars, dance floor lighting, and 12,000W PA system

Trade Me Roadshow