Weir House, Victoria University of Wellington

The team at Hype are able to see the atmosphere you want before you do, and their creativity and innovation makes it happen."

- Patrick Hayton

Rising from the deep, these mesmerising tentacles shift from seaweed to seamonster as 400+ digital layers change dynamically through the night. This spellbinding display was projected on custom made surfaces to plunge audiences into a vivid aquatic environment

The sea’s depths provide infinite creative inspiration. Tasked with designing an installation for an “Under the Sea” themed ball, we investigated a variety of sea creatures, dredging up a range of ideas. We settled on ethereal jellyfish and the playful yet ominous tentacles of a mysterious sea beast.

Initially, we explored sculpting tentacles out of wire mesh wrapped in foil and paper mache, allowing light inside to reflect and escape through the beast’s suckers. But upon realising this would require significant fabrication and installation, we shifted to 3D projection-mapped visuals, smoothly projected onto custom-made 2D boards. (Our logistics team were thrilled!)

With over 400 components, rendered in real time, the visual effects were super dynamic: morphing from swaying seaweed with gently-refracted light rays into a giant sea monster. Audio-reactive skin textures pulsed in harmony with the music’s vibrations – hypnotic and venomous!

Nearby, a bloom of delicate projected jellyfish floated eerily, contrasting the beast. Above, we suspended an undulating wave of blue fabric to complete the illusion of submersion.

The effect? Immersive, dynamic – and a little bit freaky. Our client was stoked, as were the ball guests who danced through the night in the spectacular, illuminated abyss.

Tech Used

Custom made tentacles, 1 x projector, projection mapping software unifying 400+ controllable layers to create dynamic effects