New York
Victoria University of Wellington Law Society

Just wanted to pass on the biggest thank you for all the time and effort you put into the 2017 Law Ball. From props, to speakers, to lighting/effects and accommodating our needs at every turn, you have been nothing short of outstanding. I hope you enjoyed seeing your vision come to life last night - it was all everyone was talking about!”

- Matt and Molly

We were asked to work on a New York themed event - and wanted to go BIG for the Big Apple - so we custom fabricated a 4.8m high Empire State building, surrounded by the NYC skyline with several highrises, and a Statue of Liberty. The DJs were positioned on a 5.5m long scale model of the Brooklyn Bridge.

To bring the props to life, we had lights shining through the ‘windows’ of the buildings, and projection mapped vibrant detailing on the Empire State building, which evolved as the night went on.

Tech Used

Custom made New York skyline, 1x projector, projection mapping software, pixel-mapped LED lighting, hazer, moving head beam lights

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