Andy’s Family

Completely blown away by the love, thoughtfulness and creativity shown by our son Andy.”

- Nicola Binns

A space for remembrance and quiet connection with projected memories.

For this project, I’ll let my mum do the talking…

“Sadly, due to technology failure, we missed out on seeing Ken’s mum’s funeral a few weeks ago, so whilst we were back in Wellington, he planned a surprise....

Andy picked us up in his van, took us to a lovely new restaurant where he and his dad reminisced about Sarah (mum/grandma) in front of a roaring log fire, after a fabulous meal. Happy and content, we were on our way home when Andy asked if we’d like to pop into the Khandallah Town Hall to see the project mapping he and his team had done for an event being held there.

We felt a little awkward but Andy said it was for a regular client who wouldn’t mind us popping in. He lied! There was no client nor a big event - just a special one for us! When we walked in the hall it was empty, apart from 180 light bulbs in a circle on the floor and 4 huge poster boards with photos of Sarah showing some of the many special moments we’d shared.

We were blown away by all the effort Andy had gone to but the show wasn’t over. When we said it would have been lovely for our family in the UK to see this, suddenly the boards changed again and they were there! Not just as static photos - they were larger than life...and talking too!

A great deal of time, hard work, creativity and thought went into creating an evening that we will never forget!”

- Nicola Binns
Tech Used

Projection mapped portrait panels and circle, live video call sampled onto screens with audio send and receive