Japan Festival Wellington

People of all ages enjoyed the innovative & interactive art Hype installed at Japan Festival Wellington at TSB Arena. The biennial event attracted over 20,000 attendees. We love working with Andy and his team!"

- Mayu Suzuki

This interactive installation utilises motion sensors to transpose human movement into a kinetic wall projection. Participants get lost in the moment as their collective actions affect the environment around them in real time.

To amplify connection and engagement between Japan Festival attendees as they entered the TSB Arena (the largest indoor venue in Wellington, New Zealand), we teamed up with our good friend Sid Bardiya, master of creative coding and epic video game developer at Wild Boy Studios. Utilising live-time visual generative software, we created an installation that connected people instantly with it – and each other.

While many people naturally love to move and explore, some are more shy and reserved. Believing that physical movement is one of the most immediate ways to connect the body and mind in the present moment, we created a space where everyone felt welcome to express themselves through movement.

By capturing guests with an infrared camera and processing the data with almost zero latency, we converted each body into sparking, squiggling works of art. People became animated seeing their unique movements brought to life, and projected beautifully around them. The installation encouraged participation and interaction, allowing even the shyest wallflower to bloom.

Tech Used

Body-tracking sensor, visual processing software, 1x projector. Creative Coding by our good pal Sid Bardiya wildboystudios.com