haunted hogwarts
Twig & Arrow + Hype Entertainment

Just wanted to say thanks again for creating such magic.”

- Mindy Dalzell

This project is very special to our team. We work with other amazing creatives such as Twig & Arrow to deliver a Harry Potter experience for children facing serious illnesses, such as cancer and cerebral palsy. Watching these children fully immersed in an experience we helped to create was humbling.

As our young wizards wandered up the stairs, they entered through Platform 9¾, transporting them to the Great Hall with 100 floating candles and Dumbledore ready to start the house sorting ceremonies.

Once they were sorted, our wizards were led by prefects, who cast the Revelio spell to reveal a secret entrance into Professor Snape’s potion chamber, where potions bubbled and popped. Next stop was Professor Umbridge’s class, which featured moving cats projected onto plates. Our wizards crawled through the fireplace, entering Hagrid's hut. Hagrid welcomed our wizards, and led them to a spooky cave, which had creepy-crawlies moving around the walls and floors.

The groups then exited into a stormy forest, low lit, tense, and misty with flashes of lightning and roaring thunder. Faint cackles can be heard in the distance.

Suddenly our group comes across Harry and Voldemort duelling - green and red light washes the room. The young wizards gasp and scream as lighting bolts connect the wands of the duellers.

We used projection mapping, sound effects, haze machines, and a range of lighting fixtures to create these immersive magical experiences. A microphone array and 360° speaker system enhanced the immersive effect as Voldemort seemed to speak to Harry from every direction.

Tech Used

Custom window projection board, room-scale curved projection screen, 360° sound system, live visual effects, moody dynamic lighting

new york