Victoria University of Wellington Law Society

Such incredible work!! You were so amazing to work with! Thank you!!!”

- Chelsea Simmons

Time travel back to the Regency era - these 3D rendered statues add a touch of grace and wonder. Slowly rotating with dynamic lighting and shadows, they offer a hologram like effect. Glossy marble or shimmering gold, they shine with elegance.

The Victoria University of Wellington Law Students’ Society (VUWLSS) approached us to deliver an impressive Bridgerton-themed event – so we plunged into the Regency period. Shed 6 is a huge blank canvas venue, ideal for us to digitally decorate it with custom designed projection-mapped visuals.

The venue’s length allowed us to divide it into different settings. We transformed the socialising area into a manor garden, complete with neoclassical marble pillars and whimsical, cascading wisteria. The dance floor became a stately home; the surrounding walls turned into a gallery packed with gold-framed Regency era oil paintings. Later in the night we subtly swapped some of the paintings for familiar faces from the VUWLSS team, edited to appear painted themselves. Cue one or two double-takes from guests!

This was all just to set the scene, though: for the stage, we wanted something really special. Enter two grand, elegant statues to frame the band. No shipping was required: with some wizardry from our visual artist Zoe Ella, two realistic 3D renders rotated gently in arched recesses. Each with carefully-placed lighting to cast shadows and create an illusion of depth. Our 2D projection surfaces transformed, making guests believe there were real statues slowly spinning on the stage. As the night progressed, we smoothly transitioned the glossy marble to shimmering gold – with subtle coloured reflections enhancing the statues’ contours.

As a final flourish – and to reference a famous Bridgerton scene – we brought in fireworks. Alright – not actual fireworks, but safe cold sparks that shot five metres into the air in time with the music.

The venue was totally transformed, and the clients and guests? Awestruck!

I love your work! The space looks fantastic!””

- Katrina Nicol
Tech Used

Custom statue animations in arched panes, 6x projectors, projection mapping software and multiple video servers.