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3 ways to get the most from your Vision session
So you've booked a Vision session with Hype Entertainment to talk about your event. How do you get the most of your time with these audio visual experts?
Getting the Most From a Vision Meeting

You've got a big event planned, exciting times! Chances are you've got a rough idea of what you want, but maybe you're not so sure about how to make it a reality? Or maybe you know exactly what you want, right down to the last detail?

Whatever your situation, the Hype team is here to help. We'll kick things off with a Vision session. It’s your chance to meet with our audio visual, technology and design experts who can discuss your vision and how we can make it a reality.

What is a Vision session?

A vision session is where you'll sit with the Hype crew and we'll hash out some ideas. We'll talk about the type of event you want, the kind of vibe you're going for, what you want your audience to experience. It could be a light installation, a projection array, a completely unique fusion of light, sound and design. At this stage the possibilities are endless. We'll talk about your budget and your timeframe and we'll get general idea of what you're looking for.

Our Vision sessions are fun and casual, and you'll speak with audio visual and event management pros who can guide you and help bring your idea to life.

But what should you do to get the most from your Vision session?

Bring Your Big Ideas

We love big, bold ideas. We're a nimble and agile company, which means we're not afraid to try new and exciting projects. Template events are not our game. We like to push ourselves and the boundaries of what's possible.

In many ways the Vision session is the most exciting part of the process. It’s a chance to talk about ideas, explore how we can make them even better, and ultimately deliver them for our clients. Give us all of your ideas, we want to hear them.

Ask Heaps Of Questions

The only silly question is an unasked one. Questions help clarify our ideas, and we can identify opportunities and challenges early. If there's any pain points or obstacles we need to navigate, we can thrash them out during this session. Here's just a few to get started:

  • Do you handle the bump-in and bump-out?
  • Will you source all of the props?
  • Can you conceal the projectors so that no one can see them?

(The answer to all of the above is 'yes', by the way).

We'll probably have just as many questions for you. We're big thinkers, but we also know that great ideas are delivered by paying attention to small details. So consider us your collaborators, your crew, your partners in epic events. Ask us anything, the more detail we can mutually share during the Vision stage the better.

Be Honest About What You Want

No idea is too crazy. Actually, we like crazy. We encourage it. It's our goal to continually out-do ourselves, make each event better and to bring ideas to life.

Want a projection that makes people feel like they're dancing in outer space? Cool, we've done that. Your party is in Wellington, but you want to make your guests feel like they're in Japan? We've done that too. We've also sent people back in time. It's true, just ask Victoria University who wanted a Great Gatsby themed party, so we built them custom art deco boards, and projected an infinity tunnel that made them feel like it was the 1920s. It was epic.

Perhaps you don't want any of those things, but want something completely bespoke and individual? Let us know. Our highly skilled team, projection mapping techniques, hi-tech visuals and innovative audio means that just about anything is possible.

If you've booked a Vision session with us, then you're at the start of a very exciting collaborative process. Let's do this!

Hype Entertainment is Wellington's leading audio visual and event production company. Since 2011 we've been mesmerising audiences around New Zealand with fully immersive experiences that dazzle, delight and entertain. Check out some of our projects and Contact Us to find out how we can make your event an experience.

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