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From Idea To Delivery: Why We Love Creating Immersive Experiences
From projection mapping to immersive experiences, we've delivered some awesome events for clients in Wellington and around New Zealand. Here's why we love it.
Why We Love Creating Immersive Experiences

A few years ago we were lucky enough to prepare a light display for a client's wedding. At one point during the night, a little boy was interacting with the installation, completely immersing himself, getting lost in the visual array.

His parents watched on with such joy. It created such a special moment for them. That's the power of an immersive experience. Events can become unforgettable. They go beyond events and become experiences.

It was a really powerful moment for me because I knew that we had truly delivered on our mission: to create environments and experiences that connect and inspire.

In everything we do we want to transport our audiences to places they’ve never experienced before using a fully immersive synthesis of projection mapping, prop design and interactive technologies.

What does that mean? It means that we get to do some pretty cool work, and deliver projects that we're proud of with clients we love.

Here's why we love what we do.

We Bring Ideas To Life

We like thinking outside the box, and bold ideas do not scare us. Want your audience to feel like they've stepped into the pages of The Great Gatsby? Or that they've arrived in Japan? Want a giant astronaut to show up at your party? It's possible, we've done it.

Every venue, every site is a chance to deliver something new and unique. It's a challenge and an opportunity that allows our crew to thrive.

Learn more about our Vision and Discovery processes, and how great experiences start with a great idea.

We have permission to be creative

The Hype drawing board is a dynamic and exciting place. There are no bad ideas, only ideas ready to be made awesome. This could be a jaw-dropping projection. Maybe it's audio that shakes people to their bones. Perhaps it's a bespoke prop built just for a single client, or an interactive experience that will mesmerise our audience.

The result is a sensory explosion that can have a profound impact on our clients and their guests.

Developing concepts is a key part of every project we deliver. Find out why.

We get to make cool stuff!

Our work combines the best parts of high-tech visuals, innovative sound equipment, cutting edge software and custom prop design. We get to bring all of those elements together in our work.

You'll see our crew innovate, animate, build and deliver. Light, sound, projections and props will come together in ways our clients had never thought possible. The results are often spectacular, and I love that moment when a client sees their idea become real, and an audience is mesmerised by what we’ve built.

Learn more about Projection Mapping and how it can blow minds.

Wellington Rocks

It's no secret, we love this city. Wellington is home to some of New Zealand's coolest and most progressive businesses and organisations. Everyone we've worked with has been open to trying new ideas, pushing boundaries and trying truly creative projects.

This willingness to be bold has allowed us to produce some incredible work, from breath-taking projection mapping to spectacular light installations and animations. Wellington is open to immersive experiences, and we love them for it.

Check out the projects we've delivered with some of the coolest clients in New Zealand.

I started Hype Entertainment in 2011 with some speakers, some basic lights and a strobe. To see what we can create for clients today defies belief. It goes beyond what I even thought was possible.

Whatever idea you have for your event, I hope we can help bring it to life.

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Hype Entertainment is Wellington's leading audio visual and event production company. Since 2011 we've been mesmerising audiences around New Zealand with fully immersive experiences that dazzle, delight and entertain. Check out some of our projects and Contact Us to find out how we can make your event an experience.

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