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Interactive Projection Mapping
Want Wellington to feel like Japan? It’s possible with Projection Mapping. Here’s how it works, and why it could be the perfect addition to your next event.
How to mesmerise an audience and make the impossible seem real

When working with Hype Entertainment, you're going to hear a lot about Projection Mapping. It's a technique we use to create completely immersive experiences for our clients.

To see well executed Projection Mapping is like seeing magic before your very eyes. A building can become a waterfall, a school hall can become outer space and event guests can be completely mesmerised by your creation.

While we’d love to say that the secret behind Projection Mapping is a bit of witchcraft and wizardry, the reality is a little bit more geeky. Here’s how we deliver Projection Mapping projects for our clients, and how we can deliver it for you too.

What Is Projection Mapping?

In simple terms, projection mapping is a technique that allows us to use just about any object as the surface for a visual display. It could be a simple stage set up, the facade of a warehouse or even a sphere. With the right software and projector placement, just about any surface, regardless of its shape or dimension, can be used as the surface for a projection.

How Does Projection Mapping Work?

We use programs such as MadMapper and Resolume to spatially map a space or an object. Using a few clever software hacks, we recreate 3D models of the surface and can calculate the precise projector placement that will convert a seemingly mundane or impossible surface into the perfect canvas for a projection

What makes Projection Mapping So Cool?

Projection Mapping allows us to completely recreate an environment. No longer are event guests standing in a conference room, or a theatre or a city street – our use of visuals can make them feel like they’re standing in a forest, walking through icicles or about to touch the surface of the sun.

When those visuals are combined with audio and sound techniques, blended projections and clever use of props, the result is a completely immersive, interactive experience.

Great examples of Projection Mapping

Projection mapping has gained global traction as a powerful and immersive audio visual display. It’s been used to make the Sydney Opera House look like it was blowing in the wind, turned Walt Disney Hall into Westeros and used Madison Square Garden’s ice hockey rink into a stunning display of New York itself.

But Projection Mapping isn’t a technique reserved for big companies or major events. We’ve helped Victoria University, Wellington East Girls College and Hutt Valley High School with incredible Project Mapping experiences on their campuses. Project Mapping can be an achievable (and awesome!) addition to your next event.

Why Should You Consider Projection Mapping For Your Event?

With Projection Mapping, you are only limited by your imagination. From simple displays to an entire universe, it can all be created using clever planning and the right technical knowledge.

It’s also a completely portable medium requiring very few nothing more than a laptop and a few projectors. No heavy or expensive props are required, your existing infrastructure can become the basis for an incredible idea to come to life.

With Project Mapping, the world is your canvas, and when done correctly, it can have a profound physical and emotional impact on an audience. Whether it’s to promote your brand and enjoy the subsequent media ride, or simply dazzle your clients or staff, Projection Mapping has emerged as one of the most exciting and stunning ways to transform an event into an experience.

Hype Entertainment is Wellington's leading audio visual and event production company. Since 2011 we've been mesmerising audiences around New Zealand with fully immersive experiences that dazzle, delight and entertain. Check out some of our projects and Contact Us to find out how we can make your event an experience.

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